If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"I am one of those people who is terrified of the dentist. That is until now. Dr. Rizvi is absolutely wonderful. He kept my nerves at bay and proceeded with little to no pain. He has a very calming manner as does his assistants. He is very good at explaining what he is doing, as well as completely explaining the remaining procedures. He adjusted his initial plan to work within my budget and time constraints. I have never been more comfortable with a dentist, and would recommend him to anyone." - Tracy P. (3/24/2015)

"Went in for my cleaning, return visit a week later for the cavity I had. As always, top notch service. See you in 6 months!" - Bryan C. (3/14/2015)

"I went to Ashburn Dental for my routine cleaning... Dr. Rizvi and his staff did a excellent job. I always walk out with whiter and cleaner teeth :-) Keep up the good work!! - Izhar B. (2/28/2015)

"Dr. provided great customer service no pain at all. The staff was very professional." - Mohammad A. (2/17/2015)

"They're flexible with scheduling, which works great for me and my family's busy schedule. Dr. Rizvi is terrific and both cleanings I've had have been great." - Jason L. (1/22/2015)

"Friendly, professional and does a very good job! Like the goodie bag!" - Marsha E. (1/13/2015)

"I had an emergency and was unable to make an appointment with my dentist. I searched on line for a dental group and found Ashburn Dental Care facility which was able to schedule an appointment immediately. The doctor and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I have since changed my dentist and am very happy with their service and hours of business." - Susan G. (1/8/2015)

"I hate going to the dentist, but Ashburn Dental Care was great. They took time to explain things to me and did a great job with my kids. My son had a cavity and Dr. Rizvi showed me x-rays of my son's cavities, etc. I asked him to explain it to my son and Dr. Rizvi did a great job breaking it down so that an 8-year old really understood it." - Steven O. (1/1/2015)

"Always great service from Dr. Rizvi and his staff. They are all easy going and a pleasure to deal with." - Gerald N. (1/1/2015)

"Excellent staff, excellent care. I've been going there since 2006 and wouldn't consider going anywhere else (despite an hour drive to get there)." - David J. (12/16/2014)

"Dr. Rizwi is one of the best dentists in Ashburn. I have been going to him for a few years now and I am very pleased with the work he has done on my teeth, anywhere from cleaning my teeth to putting a new crown. My teeth were very bad, I mean, really, really bad, but after following Dr. Rizwi's recommendation, my teeth are very healthy and I see great improvement overall. I am glad I chose Dr. Rizwi as my dentist." - Farhan A. (12/9/2014)

"As always, great service. Makes my trips to the dentist joyful!" - Thomas M. (12/9/2014)

"Great experience and very knowledgeable!" - Susan G. (11/29/2014)

"Great experience. Being a person that hates going to the dentist I will say that this particular office makes it not so bad. Thanks to the team there!" - Frank W. (11/11/2014)

"Staff is great. Friendly and timely. A welcoming place. Dentist is kind and careful, trustworthy. My entire family goes to Dr. Rizvi." - Kendall T. (10/14/2014)

"Very impressed with the service we received." - Eric B. (10/5/2014)

"A truly outstanding group. Actually enjoy my visits to the dentist." - Thomas M. (8/2(8/2014)

"Another excellent visit (teeth cleaning and checkup) by Dr. Z and his staff. Ashburn Dental always make my visits and experience a pleasure with their work and commitment." - Izhar B. (8/27/2014)

"Awesome service as usual!!!" - Barb C. (8/26/2014)

"I had a root canal done. No wait time. The Dr and staff were very concerned with my comfort and focused on the task at hand. Great experience." - Mona M. (8/23/2014)

"Standard 3-month checkup after a series of work to get my mouth back into shape. I hadn't visited a dentist in 4.5 years. 5 fillings later, a root canal (which Dr. Rizvi first tried to prevent instead of just opting for a defacto root canal), and deep cleaning later Dr. Rizvi has me back on the road of dental health. This standard checkup was to see how I have been progressing and doesn't normally include polishing of the teeth, but they did it anyway since I'm a coffee drinker. I'm glad I found this dental office and its staff, one of my best finds since moving to the NOVA area. Also this office stands out technology wise to me, from reminders on Facebook and Google calendar to manufacturing my crown in house while I wait 20 minutes. I've been pleasantly surprised. ANNND they're all human beings! - fun to be around, tell jokes, it's a generally jovial place!" - Bryan C. (8/18/2014)

"Dr. Rizvi and his team are caring, honest and pleasant to work with. we definitely recommend them." -Ahmed M. (8/9/2014)

"It is a pleasure to go the Ashburn Dental Clinic. The front office person gives you a very sincere welcome. You are then sent immediately sent to the clinic where the professionals get to work taking care of you. The conversations are always funny but respectable. I would recommend these folks to anyone." - Eric E. (7/15/2014)

"Excellent! Very good service and the office staff is first class!!" - Gisela B. (7/1/2014)

"Dr. Rizvi and his staff always treat me very well and are very friendly. Everyone there is very skilled and you always feel like you are getting high quality and cutting edge care from experts. I like to understand the options and what is being done and Dr. Rizvi and crew are always willing to take time to accommodate." - Sam H. (6/13/2014)