Top-Rated Ashburn Dentist – Meet Dr. Zia Rizvi

Top-Rated Dentist in Ashburn VA – Meet Dr. Zia Rizvi

Ashburn Dentist - Dr. Zia Rizvi

Patients with white coat syndrome and dental anxiety are finding a solution at Ashburn Dental Care with Dr. Zia Rizvi. With cutting-edge technology and a highly qualified team, Dr. Zia Rizvi has quickly become a top-rated dentist in Ashburn, VA

He puts his customers first and focuses just as heavily on patient comfort as providing quality dental services. Dr. Rizvi’s Ashburn Dental Care clinic adds an element of compassion to proper dental care, offering a wide range of services, including some lesser-seen options, such as sleep apnea and TMJ treatments. 

Reliable Communication Puts Clients at Ease

The team at Ashburn Dental Care focuses on communication between the dentist and the patient. Dr. Rizvi walks patients through every procedure, from complicated surgeries to simple teeth cleanings. His dedication to patients helps them feel comfortable in an unfamiliar setting.  

Part of Dr. Rizvi’s charm is his ability to comfort and calm anxious patients. Many people experience anxiety and panic attacks the moment they step foot inside a dental care facility. Dr. Rizvi takes time to ease nervous patients, helping them see his office as a safe place. While he does offer sedation dentistry, he doesn’t rely on medications to help patients overcome their apprehension.

Best Dentist in Ashburn VA - Dr. Zia Rizvi

Community Oriented Care

Dr. Rizvi believes that all families should have access to dental care. Poor dental hygiene can contribute to cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, dementia, diabetes, and other harmful health complications.

Thousands of low-income families in Ashburn are unable to afford dental care. Dr. Rizvi takes particular notice of these families and strives to offer them the same valuable dental care. Ashburn Dental Care gives back to the community. Through outreach programs and non-profit affiliations, they serve every family in the area, regardless of financial or economic standings.

Comprehensive Dental Services   

Every mouth is different. While some patients come to Ashburn Dental Care for routine cleanings, others book appointments for surgical dentistry. Ashburn offers comprehensive dental services. Patients can book appointments for, among other things: 

  • Bi-annual cleanings
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Root canals
  • Corrective treatments and surgeries
  • Invisalign

Ashburn Dental Care strives to provide a one-clinic, dental-care solution with options for every mouth, every patient, and every family.

Highly Rated Dentist Ashburn VA - Dr. Zia Rizvi

Top-Rated for a Reason

Dr. Rizvi is among the best dentists in Ashburn, VA. His passion has led him to excel in his field, offering more services than any other dentist in the area.  

Dentists across the United States and EU revere him for his ability to perform a wide variety of surgical techniques. Paired with his unique skills, he is also one of the few dentists that take the time to emphasize patients. He teaches his technicians to treat patients like family.

Highly Rated Dental Clinic in Ashburn VA - Ashburn Dental Care

Ready to Meet the Team?

The Ashburn Dental Care team is excited to bring you the best care possible. You will feel at ease the moment you step through the door. Bright, smiling staff are eager to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Call (703) 858-1904 or stop by their office at 42882 Truro Parish Drive #208 in Ashburn to schedule a cleaning and exam today.

Ashburn Dental Care Dentist Ashburn VA

Our philosophy at Ashburn Dental Care is to provide the highest quality and standard of dental care through education, communication, technology, and experience. We take pride in being honest and upfront, and always have our patients’ best interests in mind.

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