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Some people wake up with headaches, sore faces, and swollen jaws due to bruxism or teeth grinding. People with this sleep-related condition may grate, grind, or clench their teeth as they sleep, often unaware that they are performing these movements. As a result, they may feel pain or tension in their head, jaw, or neck.

Most cases of bruxism are mild and do not produce noticeable symptoms. Frequent grinding can produce concerning issues and pain, including:

  • tongue indentations
  • flattened teeth
  • loose teeth
  • increased tooth sensitivity
  • worn tooth enamel

Though the cause for bruxism is unknown, caffeine, snoring, crooked teeth, and an abnormal bite may play a role in its development and severity.

One way to combat this problem is to use a dental night guard. This non-invasive equipment provides a barrier between your upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding and dental damage. The dental night guard will also reduce the tension to your jaw, neck, and head when you clench your jaw by cushioning the teeth. 

Though dental night guards are available as an over-the-counter purchase, these do not provide the same comfort and fit as ones a dentist will make. Dentists use a soft material to craft a custom mold of your teeth and build a dental night guard to fit perfectly in your mouth. Learn more about our dental sealants.

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